I Made It!

I had all of my children pretty close in age. There was never more than 20 months between any of my trips to birthing center.

And I love that my children are that close in age.


It was not easy when they were younger. Having several children in diapers, some crawling or walking for the first time, another learning to talk and ask a million questions, yet another potty training and ALL of them needing your attention right this instant!!!! It is easy to understand how overwhelming being a mother with young children can be. Heck even one child can be a hand full. That is why God gives them to you one at a time…unless you have multiples. To that I say God must think you are awesome! I might have gone nuts if I had more than one at a time. I give you props.

I remember going out into public, usually the grocery store or church, and older women would flock to me. I mean it. They really did. Sometimes I felt like we were a traveling circus. The funny thing was, all of them said the same thing…

                       I know it is hard to imagine now, but someday they will be older and it will get easier…and you will miss this age.

I am being honest when I say I thought they were crazy. I would look at my kids (one in the baby carrier crying, one chewing on the block of cheese still in the package and sitting on the bread in the cart, one lying on the bottom of the cart and the oldest who would be furiously rearranging the canned goods on the bottom shelves) and I would think “Are you serious! I cannot wait until they are older and things are not so crazy!”

Well, they did get older. I remember the day I took my youngest to her kindergarten screening. I realized on the way there that I had made it. I had officially survived having four children at home until it was time for them to go to school all day. I laughed. I remembered all the women over the years and what they had said and I wondered if I would miss those days.

Well, I am here to tell you I do. I miss them so much. Don’t get me wrong, I love every new adventure my children are taking me on.  Sometimes though, I look at my son and wonder where my baby boy went and how did he get so tall? When the girls ask for help doing their hair I jump at the chance. I don’t get to do it that often anymore. I look at all my children and am bewildered as to where all the time has gone.

So precious mother of young children, please know this:

You are going to make it!

I promise. Please try to enjoy the chaos and the constant giving. Someday they will not need as much hands on mothering. One day they will be able to wear your shoes. Eventually they will be helping you with dishes and laundry and cooking meals.  Then you will look at them and wonder where those years went. Enjoy them while they last.


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