Overcoming Fear In Baby Steps

Tonight I was taking care of my sons hamster, “Big Bob”. He had been in his ball, running around the house. It was time to put him back into his little home. So I opened the cage and the ball so he could climb from one to the other…

but he refused to go back into his cage.


image courtesy of pethamstercare.com

So here I am with this stubborn hamster and my son was not home to put him back. So what do I do?

Now comes one of my fears. I am terrified of mice. For some reason the hamster does not bother me as much, but I still have a fear of picking him up with my bare hands. I am afraid of getting bit. When my son came to us a couple of months ago and asked for a hamster for his birthday, I thought “NO WAY!”  Once I thought about it, I figured it would be a good lesson in responsibility and maybe even help with my fear of mice (Yes, I know, mice and hamsters are not the same creature). Close enough.

So we buy the hamster and now I have a furry little creature living in my home full time. Over the last couple months I have slowly gotten attached to the little guy.  I take care of him when my son is not home.  At first I just put food into his bowl and water in the little drippy bottle. Then I started to try to put him into his ball. I did this with work gloves on so I would not get bit. I would just kinda shoo him into the ball and I got him out by bribing him with a treat (while wearing the gloves).

Eventually I started pet him, with the gloves still on. Then one day I touched his back with no gloves on. He jumped and I screamed, poor Bob.  I kept trying. I was determined not to be afraid of handling him. Now, for the first time, I have been able to pick him up without gloves and not flip out. This is a big deal. The kids were even excited.

Do you have any fears that you need to overcome?  I would suggest baby steps, time and maybe even some prayer.

For God Hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of sound mind.

2 Timothy 1:7  


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