Couscous and Cabbage Creation

For awhile now I have been more and more concerned with my family’s nutrition.  I have watched extended family members struggle with their health for years. My own waistline is not what it should be. Let’s face it…

I am not getting any younger. 😉

My energy is not always what I want it to be. With our decision to try for a baby in a few years, the last thing I want to be is unhealthy going into a pregnancy with a mid to upper thirties body. My husband and I are hoping for a successful VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean), possibly even a HVBAC (Home Vaginal Birth After Cesarean). According to all of our research, one of the biggest things we can do to make sure this is possible is to make sure I am in great shape physically and have a balanced diet before and during pregnancy.

I also want to be intentional with the eating habits my children are learning from me. When they grow up they will carry these habits into their adult lives. When they have children, these habits will influence how they choose to feed their families. This is a responsibility I take very seriously.

Now to the point of this long winded story. The other day we were getting a little low on groceries and I was trying to come up with something to go with a pork roast that had been in the crock pot all day. I pulled out cabbage that I had prepped and frozen several weeks ago. I love boiled cabbage, so I put it into a pot with some water to boil.

Now, I might love boiled cabbage, but for everyone else except one of the kids, they are not big fans. So I have to make it more appealing to them. I started looking through the cupboards and pulling things out to put in with it. Couscous, a can of diced tomatoes, a can of black beans, some garlic and seasonings. Now this may not be all of what was in there but this is what I remember. (I made this last week. I know, I should have written it down and taken pictures to post. I am hoping to get better at this blogging thing.)

When I served this I told them that they should shred the meat on their plates and put it in with the cabbage creation and it would be really good. Not everyone loved it. I had one daughter who only ate what I gave her and did not go back for more, but there was not much left over.

That is a WIN in my book.

My family is continuing to adjust to eating much more vegetables and all around healthier meals. It is good for them and myself. This is one of the ways I demonstrate love towards them. I know that this is a really good thing…for all of us.


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